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Forestland Recreation of Konidario
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Hotel Location

The hotel is located in Marmari, one of the most renowned places on the island and just 300meters away from the sandy beach. A 14 minute drive to the Airport and a 20 minute drive to the town center. Within a 100 meter radius you may find the bus stop (to & from Kos Town), a supermarket, restaurants and coffee shops. The hotel is located in a quiet and tranquil area.

The hotel is spread across 32 acres of land with one main building and 7 other building of which one is the restaurant building.

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Located on the northeast coast of Kos island, the grounds around Aegean Bay feature a unique Natura reserve, unique flaura and fauna and an endless sandy beach of with crystal clear blue Aegean waters.

Marmari is located in the middle of the island, an ideal starting point to explore the abundance of natural beauty, archeological sites and culture of the island.

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Alikes Salt Lake

Just 2km away the salt lake is a Natura 2000 locates, where nature and beauty come together. It is a haven for migrating birds, flamingos, pelicans, herons and home to a variety of flora and fauna species such as wild canes, rushes and tamarisks.

The lake dries out during the summer season and leave behind an all-white surface of salt which up until 1989 was used for sea salt production.

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Asklepieion of Kos

At a distance of 14km from the hotel, are the well-preserved ruins of the ancient world's most salient healing center.

Asklepieion of Kos was both a sanctuary and school, built in order for Hippocrates to further advance his research and teachings. The site today also features a museum

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Roman Odeon of Kos

Dating back to 2nd to 3rd century A.D., the Roman Odeon of Kos lies in the south west, once Roman quarters of Kos town, boasting a series of fascinating, well-preserved ruins that also include Roman baths and a Gymnasium nearby.

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Zia Village

A small picturesque village nestled on the slopes of Mount Dikaios. Known for its sweeping views, cobbled lanes, traditional white and blue houses and of course the perfect spot for spectacular sunsets. It is also the starting point of the path to Kos Natural Park.

One of the islands most peaceful places, where you will meet with deers, turkeys, gooses, rabbits, ducks and even peacocks. Follow the path to the top the park to find the resting area and take a step back to relax in one of the hammocks and listen to the birds singing - natures own music. A perfect place to feel, smell and taste pristine nature.